Hostess Club-

This is an ongoing club that meets once per month for approximately one hour. Each month you get one free project to do in my home, if you can't attend the workshop, no problem, you still receive the kit. Each member takes a turn being the hostess, but the great thing about this is that you never have to clean your own home! All events take place in mine and you reap the hostess benefits. All the hostess has to do is bring a snack to share. Members have to commit to spending a minimum of $15/month in product and they can choose whatever product they want from any current catalog. This is a great way to build up your stamps and accessories without breaking the bank! The workshops are a lot of fun and it is a chance to share tips and new products with some awesome like minded gals. Come join us anytime! If you just want to check it out before you sign up, you are always welcome to join us for just $5 per session. 

Friends Day Wednesday-

This club meets the second Wednesday of every month from 10AM- Noon. As a group, we decide what next month's project will be; cards, mixed media, 3D, the sky is the limit! This club is for you if you want an intimate experience with friends and paper crafting. Limited to 5 participants at a time. Cost varies depending upon the project - between $15 and $30.