Saturday, November 22, 2014

Knocked My Socks Off....

This is unheard of opportunity and it is only good November 24- December 2! For one week ONLY, Stampin' Up is offering any new recruit 25% off their starter kit! So you don't pay $99 (for your choice of $125 in product), this week you pay ONLY $75 and that INCLUDES SHIPPING!

As always, when you join you get 30% off your first $150 order (within 30 days), but now you will get an ADDITIONAL 5% back in cash on top of that on your entire purchases (and sales) for the month of DECEMBER!! After your first 30 days, you will continue to enjoy a 20% discount on any catalog items FOR TWO ADDITIONAL MONTHS!!! If you love it (just meet the $300 quarterly minimum), if you don't, that's okay too. Just don't meet your requirements and you will be automatically dropped. No explanations, no sniveling, no pressure!

Now is the time to JOIN, please don't miss this opportunity to become a Stampin' Sista. For any recruit I get during November 24- December 2, I will also enjoy the 5% cash back on my total sales in December.

It is easier than you think and more fun than you will ever know! Give it try for 3 months, if you don't love it like I do, there is no other obligation. I will be there to help you every step of the way, that's what we Stampin' Sistas do! What do you have to lose? Math is not my forte, but I just figured out if you join for $75 and place orders for another $150 (yours or a friends) in December you will receive an additional $7.50 plus 20% cash back (on sales) which is another $30 back (this is the minimum amount you would earn!) You now have $375 in merchandise for the cost of $187.50 (minus taxes and shipping on 2nd order).

Please contact me no later December 1, or just simply sign up HERE. It is a very easy process and only takes 15 minutes to do. :)