Sunday, February 15, 2015

Hostess Club Fun....

Yesterday was our February club and it just so happened to fall on the day of LOVE...Valentine's Day! And oh how I love these ladies!! Mawh to all of you for being a part of this fun day. We did miss Dee, Elizabeth and Trudy ):  
But here are a few pic of the food, fun and these fabulous women...

Nummy liquor-filled trifle that Jeanette made!! Delicious

Bev and Kristina hard at work

Sue really concentrating on something??

These cute heart shaped muffins that Jeanette made! :)

Pam's little sweet treat for the girls! How Cute is that?

Jeanette and Pam with their "Smile" gift pocket project

And of course a HUGE hug and Kisses to the Loves Of My Life- Keith and Zach! Loved the flowers and cards boys!